Peek’n Puppy Programs

I strive to meet the needs of owners and their dogs, with personal attention and individual care, by offering programs that include private in home lessons.

Daisy a Peek'n PuppyI believe that training a dog should be both rewarding and fun. Through work and play, you can develop effective two-way communication and a healthy working relationship with your dog. With encouragement and reward, your dog can become a trusted and well-mannered companion. I am excited to bring you these program options for training with your canine companion. Each of my programs provides personal attention and individual care, and all are designed to teach you to manage your dogs behavior and to set your dog up to succeed.

Pack Walk

We are doing weekly pack walks, Saturday’s at 9:30 am ( weather permitting ). The walks will be held at Mariposa Basin Park in Albuquerque. Come learn while your dog socializes with fellow pack walkers. Your dog will learn how to deal with aggression, reactivity and fearful behaviors under the supervision of our experienced trainer. Dog owners get to learn from a knowledgeable trainer in attendance to answer your questions. There is no cost ( Free ) for the pack walk. All sizes of dogs are welcome to join the walk. Contact me for more details. Bring your dog and lets enjoy a nice walk together.

American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Classes

Sweetie Pie with Advanced Canine Good Citizen AwardTraining and evaluating all levels of the AKC Canine Good Citizen programs. This is a six week course focusing on the skills needed to obtain the Canine Good Citizen Award. This program stresses responsible ownership and basic good manners for dogs and for those wanting the Canine Good Citizen title for their dog. The program is four weeks of training and on the fifth week we will take the Canine Good Citizen exam. Open to all dogs six months and older.

The Well Behaved Dog Program

Daisy in her graduation hatDo you want a dog that won’t jump on the guests at your home? Would you like a dog that walks calmly next to you? Do you want a dog that you are not embarrassed to take to a family member or a friends home? Do you have the time to train your dog but need help stopping problem behaviors? Would you benefit with help from a professional dog trainer? This program allows you to train your dog with private in-home sessions. During this program, I visit you once a week for 5 weeks to work on skills and problem behaviors. In between my visits, you work on the skills taught to your dog for that week. You will receive five weeks of private in-home sessions plus our weekly pack walks to work on socialization. Your dog will learn the six skills every dog should learn plus solutions to many common behavior problems.

The Incredible Dog Program

BuddhaDo you want your family and friends to complement you on your incredible dog? Do you want a dog you can feel comfortable taking anywhere? Do you want a dog that will listen to your command on the first time, no matter what distractions are around them? During this ten week program, you get ten weeks of private in-home sessions plus our weekly pack walks to work on problem behaviors or to just refresh your dogs skills. In this program we will work on six advanced skills plus solutions to many common behavior problems your dog may have.

Call now for a free evaluation at 505.514.5538 or send me an email with your name, email address and a description of the problems you are having with your dog. Then we will find the program that is right for you. Space is limited so don’t delay in reserving your spot. Call today and we can start your dog on the path to becoming incredible!